Starting School and Misogyny

Deary me, I’m not getting on very well with this school lark.
Tarquin’s Mum (see last post).
The insistence that parents must “allow time” to change reading books each morning (what, despite not being there and at work?). So Child One will never get a reading book.
The constant calling me “Mrs” Bad Mummy when I’m a Miss.

But today, they have surpassed themselves…

Latest missive from the School of Doom;

Free Group Coaching for Women
Have you had some time out of work?
Perhaps you are a Mum who has been wondering if it is a good time to return to work but not sure what to do or whether you can hold down a demanding job and look after your family.
Perhaps you are not sure how to take the next step –or maybe not sure what the next step is?


Perhaps I’m wondering how condescending and patronising it is to assume that because I am a woman (as opposed to a man) with a child that I’d question my ability to do a “demanding” job?
Or perhaps I’m a man who resents the assumption that it’s only the little lady that “looks after the family”. After all, I’ll be too busy earning money and putting my pipe and slippers on when I get home to consider looking after my children.

surfadvertHONESTLY, I wouldn’t be surprised to get a letter home tomorrow telling me that the girls are going to do home economics and the boys woodwork…

About badmummydiary

one five year old. one under one. they do not define me. but do make me rant.
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